Thursday, January 8, 2009


Wolff will be offering a link sharing program on the new website. What's link sharing? It's simple. You've seen a links page on different websites before. has one, as do most sites. On our site, you'll find a number of links to companies that distribute the Twice as Sharp® and a few other sites, like my Jim Sharp Blog. You'll also notice that there is a link back to in the side bar on Jim Sharp. This is link sharing. The sites link to each other.

What Wolff would like to do is give you the opportunity to link to, and in return, we'll provide a link back to your website. Now there are three catches though! First, you must own a Wolff Twice as Sharp®. Second, you have to have a website to provide a link to before we'll link to you. Third, the link must remain on your site. If the link is removed, you're link will fall off the Twice as Sharp® site as well.

How will Wolff benefit if I do this?

The benefit to Wolff is your link to us. All of the outgoing links to the site will help us with rankings in the search engines.

What is your benefit if you do this?

You will also benefit from our link back to your site in regards to ranking, but more importantly, it will provide a link to your site for people that are looking for someone to sharpen their shears.

All companies will be listed by state or provience on a first-come/ first-serve basis. The list will be on the links page under our distributor section. What I mean by first-come/ first-serve is the first one in a state or provience to link to us will be on top of their state or provinces's section, the next one will go under the first, and so on.

If you are interested in participating in link sharing with, please send me an e-mail at Remember though, it is not the first person that e-mails me that gets the top spot, it's the first one to link to So link to us a soon as you can, and as soon as you do, let me know by e-mail and I'll go view your site.

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