Thursday, January 15, 2009


Those of us that were at the Wolff Show back in 2005 in Richmond, VA will remember David Vogel and the excellent presentation he did on shear manufacturing. He is here with us today working on a variety of projects as we move forward into 2009.

Here David Wolff, David Vogel, and Garnard Hill are mulling over how they are going to modify our project shears for the different cutting applications they do.

Testing went on for a number of hours as Garnard and David tried different levels of set and angles to get the best cut out of the shears.

The ureka moment came when they found the right combination of set, angle, level of face grind, and edge radius to get the job done.

Here are a couple of pictures a I though everyone would enjoy. David Vogel is face grinding an industrial shear free-hand. Can you tell he's been at this a long time?

David will now go back to the plant to make the necessary molds and dies to create the blades we need to improve our 6000 series shears. Awesome job today Dave and Garnard!

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