Friday, January 16, 2009


On occasion I have a customer call and ask, "How can I find someone in my area that can sharpen my industrial or sewing shears.?" I always tell them, "Ask your local Dog Groomers." Grooming shears are sharpened the same as an industrial shear or sewing shear and they typically get their blades or shears sharpened ever 6 to 8 weeks, so they weed out bad sharpeners fast. If they like a sharpener, you can bank on them being good at what they do.

With that said, you'd be surprised how many times I get a call from different industries asking how to find a sharpener. The industrial segment of the sharpening business is often overlooked. Don't overlook it! If you need some help thinking of places to go that have shears that need sharpening, send me an e-mail at I have a list of places you can go to sharpen shears and will gladly send it to you be e-mail.

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