Friday, January 25, 2008


It's about creating an atmosphere where people like to buy!!!

I've been getting a lot of calls as of late that sound like this:

"I could get all the salons in my town to use me if I just had that other piece of equipment!"

"I could sell more shears if I could just get my hands on that other line!"

"I could be doing a lot better if all the other sharpeners weren't bad-mouthing me!"

Could you? Or is it that you're not doing the hard stuff that makes selling your service or shears easier. Maybe your not doing your homework or getting the training that will help you build up the confidence you need to overcome bad-mouthers.

Selling yourself as a sharpener is not just about walking in the door and saying, "Hi! I'm a sharpener!" No one cares! What they DO care about is how are you going to help them? Do you know your stuff? Are you reliable? Will you stand behind what you do? All of these things are important to them, and it takes TIME to build a reputation to match these desires. Be patient, be steadfast and be prepared!

I'll be starting a series on selling soon, so keep an eye out for some hints and tips. If you want to read more right now, click here and see what one of my mentors taught me about selling years ago. There'll be more to come!


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